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Baruch atah Adonay, Célèbre Melekh Ha 'Olam, asher natan lanu et Yeshua (ישוע) binkha k'meshichenu goalenu moshi'enu kapporatenu va' adonenu, ve't sifrei B'rit he Chadashah le'amenu ulekhol ha'amin
Barukh atah Adonay noten yeshu'ah b'Yeshua (ישוע) HaMashiach Ashraynu!



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Yeshua (ישוע) came first for the

Restoring the Soul to Life and correctly observe and walk the Torah

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

Mattityahu 16:26

Malakhi 4:2 But to you who fear My Name The Kiv-Int-link.gifSun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; And you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves. ....Loukas 4:18-19-Yeshayahu 61:1,2 "The Spirit of Adonai is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To proclaim the Good News to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed;   To proclaim the acceptable year of Adonai."....Mattityahu 4:23 And Yeshua (ישוע) went about all Galil, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the Good news of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people......Mattityahu 10:1 And when He had called His twelve Talmidim to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.

..... All above on Yom Shabbat

Letter about who Elohim is and His good news Message for

See also Shabbat Observance in New Testament Era

The followers of Yeshua (ישוע) are  known as Messianic  Believer, originally belongs to a sect of Judaism known as "The way"  or Nazarene, in some instance also known as Hebrew Christian while the Non-Jewish believer Ger Toshav who have turn away from idols  would call themselves as Christian - Kristiano. The Messianic or 'The way" understands the Deity of Adonai as ONENESS in Essences ABBA (Father), Yeshua (ישוע) (Ben Elohim Son of G_D), Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) One in Unity, the ONENESS is unity Adonai Elohim of Yaakov, One in Purpose and in Majesty.

Our desire for all mankind created in image of HaShem (Adonai, Lord) no perish but in Teshuvah repentance to LIFE  leHachayim through Yeshua HaMashiach

Kefa Bet 3:8  וזאת האחת אל־תעלם מכם חביבי שיום אחד כאלף שנים בעיני יהוה ואלף שנים כיום אחד׃

Kefa Bet 3:9  ולא־יאחר יהוה את־אשר הבטיח כאשר־יש חשבים זאת לאחור כי מאריך אפו בעבורנו ולא יחפץ באבד האבדים כי אם־בפנות כלם לתשובה׃

Just as HaShem (Adonai) created Heaven and earth Gen 1:1 in six days

  • בְּרֵאשִ֖ית בָּרָ֣א אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֵ֥ת הַשָּמַ֖יִם וְאֵ֥ת הָאָֽרֶץ׃
  • Beresheet   Bara   Elohim   et   HaShamayim   veet   haarets

    2nd Peter 3:8  But don’t forget this one thing, loved ones, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day.

    2nd Peter 3:9  The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some consider slowness. Rather, He is being patient toward you—not wanting anyone to perish, but for all to come to repentance.

    News update

    Ori Ministries - Singapore newly form Messianic community after messianic conference under Rabbi Shapira, Italki - ORI Ministries Singapore Facebook page The group are also Talmidim Yeshiva Shuvu students

    Ger Toshav / Ger Tzedek Believes

    MiKah 6:8
    He has declared to you,
    O man, what is good? And
    what does Adonai require of you?
    but to do right, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your Elohim?

    The Ethics of the sages or PIRKEI AVOT  or the Ethics of the fathers 1:2 Says

    Shimon HaTzadik was among the last of Great Assembly. He used to say,

    The world rest on three things

    on Wisdom (Torah)

    on Surrender (Servanthood) give your right to Messiah

    on compassion Gemilut Hachasidim act of kindness to some one who does not deserve.doing acts of kindness unconditionally

    "Prove all things" (I Thes. 5:21)

    Click on the Parashah Number of the  Weekly Torah Portion 学习表

































































































     Parashah 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 are the seven weeks of consolation mark with *

    Annual Torah Portion Reading Schedule

    How the Torah portion or Parashah works?

    There are a total of 54 Parashot in a year and it is  divided into  seven portions in a week. On Yom Shabbat the Parashah is to be read by 7 aliyots on Shabbat. While the Maftir is to be read by the entire congregation. Recite the Kiryat HaTorah - Blessing before the Torah reading
    1st portion | 2nd Portion | 3rd Portion | 4th Portion | 5th Portion | 6th Portion | 7th Portion | Maftir

    We read each portion a day for our daily portion and to be shared when the group met on Shabbat.

    DAY ONE     YOM RISHON - 1st Portion
    DAY TWO    YOM SHENI - 2nd Portion
    DAY THREE  YOM SHLISHI - 3rd Portion
    DAY FOUR   YOM REVI'I - 4th Portion
    DAY FIVE    YOM CHAMISH - 5th Portion
    DAY SIX     YOM SHISHI - 6th Portion
    DAY SEVEN YOM SHABBAT - 7th Portion , Maftir

    Recite the Kiryat Ha Torah The blessing After the Torah reading

     Perek Yomi Tehillim - in line with Artstroll Tehillim 

    Hebraic Torah Transliteration Scripture (Tenakh & Apostolic Writings) - Audio MP3 - Giant Print

    Keil and Delitzsch Hebrew Brit Hadashah


    Click Your Choice


    The above picture is a view of Mount Sinai where the give of the Torah to the Jewish people, we know that Mount Sinai in Arabia (Galates 4:25)

    visit the site information of Mount Sinai and the Midianite life around Har Karkom

    humming birdflower redTorah scrollanimated humming bird

    Ten Utterances of the Almighty - [PPT format]

     10 minyan

    Kinnor 10 Strings harp22 String harp = to 22 Hebrew Alphabet

    The Davidic 10 String Kinnor and Atara Nevel 22 string Harp

    Hebrew Brit Chadashah (New Testament ) with Nikkud PDF Require Adobe Viewer
    Orthodox Complete Jewish Bible - AFII
    Hebriac Transliterated Scriptures

    Circumcision Controversy in Early Christianity

    Study to show thyself approved unto Elohim,A workman that needeth not be ashamed, Rightly dividing the word of emet.
    II Timothy 2:15

    Online Bible and Study Tools


    Romaios 15:4 For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

    My Recent Registered domain SANGMUSHEN Since 1 June 2016

    Warning! about links

    A word of reminder to all Readers

    that the fact that the links we included below are provided as a general guide of the raw information found in the Internet and much of these requires you to do your own homework or research. It does not necessary mean that we endorse to their every doctrinal. Talmud Kabala and commentaries have to be carefully examine and verified with the Scriptures as the final Authority. If you find any of our information has been misinterpreted, we appreciate that you write to us and also provide us with your scripture explanation. Please be careful and discerning, we encourage you to be like the Bereans of Acts 17:11 to search and use the Scripture as their final authority for whatthey accept as the emet. We are told scripture not to trust every spirit but to test the Spirits to see whether they are from Elohim Beloved, don't believe every Ruach, but test the Ruach, whether they are of Adonai Elohim, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (Yochanan Alef 4:1)
    1. Proving what is well-pleasing to Adonay. (Ephesios 5:10)
    2. Test all things, and hold firmly that which is good (Tov).(1 Thessalonikeus 5:21)
    3. We know that BeN Elohim has come, and has given us an understanding, that we know him who is true (HaEmes), and we are in him who is true, in His
    4. Son Yeshua (ישוע) the Mashiach. This is the true Adonai, and eternal life. (Yochanan Alef 5:20)
    5. Holding fast (Cleave) the Word of Life (Dvar HaChayim), so that I may rejoice (simcha) in the day of Mashiach that I have not run in vain or laboured in vain. (Philippesios 2:16) --> out pouring as a drink offering (speak of loyality devoted) on sacrifice and service (Elohim) of your faith

    Torah Teaching and Instruction
    blog-icon.gifObjective of the Torah
    Declaration or saying of the Shema reciting
    Shemot 20 | 613 Commandment overview | The Ten Classification of the Commandment
    Mikraei-Kodesh Moadei Adonay -The set time of the Feast of Adonay
    An Overview layout illustration of Mishkan
    The Spiritual understanding of the MiSHKaN (Tabernacle of wilderness)
    The Temple Menorah - Golden Menorah
    The Shlomo ha Mikdash - Solomen's Temple
    The Yechezkiel Mikdash / Millennial Temple
    The Garment of the Kohen Ha Gadol / High Priest with diagram illustrations  
    The Traditons of Havdalah - Separation - end of the Shabbat
    Elements on Passover Seder and the meal before Pesach
    The Feast of Tabernacle - Sukkot / Chinese article on Sukkot
    The Four species for the sukkot wave offering
    The Feast of Sukkot ; Sacrificial system in Numbers 29:12-34
    12 Tribes of Yisrael and the Messianic age
    Why we observe the New Moon?

    Understand the spiritual significant of Shabbat / How to observe the Shabbat?
    Shabbat Basic Requirement Check list
    Erev-Shabbat Hadlakat Haneyrot (Tradition of the Candle Lighting Messsianic Siddur)
    The Blessing Before the Torah Reading
    Nashim (Women) Spiritual Status in the Divine role
    The Torah of Adonai (Tehillim 119 )
    How to tie the tzitzit and why need to wear a Tzitzit?
    Ancient Tefillin Wrap - How to tie the Tefillin  Scripture / video instruction
    The studies concerning the Silver Trumpet
    - 两枝银号

     Torah Kosher living

    [PDF] Times of Tefillah - Zmanim provided by the First Fruit of Zion Require Adobe Viewer
    How to prepare Kosher food and home economy?
    You Are What You Eat - The Science Behind Elohim's Dietary Laws
    “Anti-Soul Food” By Rabbi Rob Miller
    [Kosher Fish Singapore ] Fins and Scales fish – Tahor – clean - Daftar ikan 洁食
    Kosher Fish in Pelagic Zone - open sea division
    Cooking oil n its Nutrient Values
    Kosher food product list sold in Singapore Supermarket
    Type of Salts and usage usage of kosher salt
    Seasoning Sauce and Flavour Enhancer
    Why are Sea Cucumber consider Non-Kosher or unclean sea marine animals?
    How to begin a Fasting for New Beginers? My Friend flee from idols, turn to the ONE and Only True Elohim (God) the Creator of Universe
    Messianic Dances
    Messianic Modest dress code

    blog-icon.gif Yanit Learn Hebrew
    learn the basic Hebrew alphabet, reading of selected verse, learn Hebrew songs, Hebrew vocabulary building
    blog-icon.gif Kosher living and diet for Messianic Believers Guide
    Kosher China 洁食中国 / Halal 伊斯兰清真洁食
    Is it kosher to donate blood, organ transplant, scientifically experiment, animal organ transplant
    [YYS] The Language Kindness - Chesed
    Love, Dating, Marriage, laws of Modesty

    Torah Midrash

    Map information of Bashan
    [The Unveilings] Yochanan: "And I saw...."
    The short Scripture study on 2 Shemuel 1

    Has stoning been done away with, scripture study about Stoning? it is a topic some use to rebutt or sneer of those keeping Torah
    The List of Melekhim Shelshim ve Echad / List of 31 gentile kings
    Toldot Esav (Esau) - Genealogy chart  
    The Moabites
    Hittites or Hatian
    The Colours of Rainbow significant from the Noachide Law
    (Talmud Sanhedrin 58b)
    The Lechem and Fruit of the vine - in the Time of Malki Tzedak
    [DVRH] The 42 Names of Adonai
    The names of Yaakovs's children of Yisrael entry to Mitzrayim
    Tenakh foreshadowed in the 7 Assemblies
    Focus studies on the Messianic Psalms - tehillim
    The Torah significant of figures 10
    The 7 Sefirot Attributes of  Adonai - Yeshua (ישוע) - Tree of Life
    How to Wave the Two loaves of Challah
    Feast of Weeks - Shavuot 
    include Chart from Pesach-->Countdown 49 day Omer --> Shavuot
    Biblical Weights and Measurement
    Five keys Methods of Learning Hebraic
    The Words of Elohim
    54 weeks of Parashah Directory list
    Hebraic Glossary
    Torah Transliteration Scriptures
    Messianic Israel's Torah Commentaries.
    Shabbat Torah Reading Archieves
    Weekly Triennial Reading Archieves Beresheit Require Adobe Viewer
    The Scripture study Tools
    ZhongWen Online Scripture 中文線上聖經
    [YYS] Learn about Messianic view on Hannukah

    Should we celebrate Hannukah - reconsider
    The Overview Study Chart of the Melekhim Yehudah

    The Abomination and Desolation - A-N-D TEMPLE<

    Ketuvim Nazarene Studies

    The Studies of the nature of the Branch - Mashiach Yeshua (ישוע) - Menorah studies
    [KOS] The Trials of Yeshua (ישוע) Ha Mashiach; Learn about the three fold prayer n tamid sacrifice
    Kosher Food product with Kosher symbols in Singapore
    Baby / Toddler Messianic Booklets by June Yong
    The Goodnews written in Luke - Mashiach Yeshua (ישוע) in His Humanity - Yeshua (ישוע) Film
    The Seven Opening in Luke 24
    Guard the unity of the Ruach in the bond of shalom - One New Man
    The Parables of Yeshua (ישוע)  
    concerning Messianic

    Believers Fundamental Issues
    Who is Yeshua (ישוע) Ha Mashiach?
    The Names of Yeshua (ישוע)
    Looking unto Salvation in Yeshua (ישוע) from the view of  Avrahamic Covenant, Akidah, Pesach view
    Messianic Promise to the Benai Yishmael - Arab community
    Arabs seeking for the Al Masih
    A calling to all to Teshuvah for the Kingdom of Heaven is offered
    The Two Sets of Genealogy of Mashiach Yeshua (ישוע) - Toldot Yeshua (ישוע)
    Knowing the Oneness of Adonai Elohim and the Shema
    Why do Messianic Believer need to be Mikveh Mayim (immersion in Living water)?
    Messianic Brit milah (Circumcision)
    Women's Head covering and Set Apart communion meal

    Our Messianic Fundamental beliefs
    Roles of being Elders, overseers Deacons; Messianic Ministers  and Rabbis, going for Yeshiva


    The Jewish Diaspora in the Time of Yeshua (ישוע) - 猶太人散居在耶穌的時代
    Biblical Weight, Time and Measurement
    Profile of K'far-Nachum
    The Helenistic transliterated Names of Greece Dvar Midrash - Word Studies
    Ani Hu - Anochi Hu - I AM HE
    The Word green ears in the scriptures  
    The Biblical Numeral Ten
    The Significance and events of the Third Day
    The Cities of Refuge
    What does the Scripture say about Hakhnasa Torehim - hospitality?
    The five Hebraic methods of learning
    The Hebrew gematria and the Yehudi gematria
    Parables Recorded in the Tenakh
    Perek Yomi Tehillim
    [KOS] The Trials of Yeshua (ישוע) Ha Mashiach

     The Yeshua (ישוע) Crucifixion in AD 33 - 3793 (Hebrew)
    Overview of Map of Bible Land
    The Moedim of ADONAI (יהוה)
    The Jewish Glossary
    Ha Chitzonium glossary Terms and phrases
    The Brook Kidron
    What does the word Amein really mean?
    Parallels between Shemot and Bamidbar
    Who are the Amalek?
    The information of Kenaan / Canaan
    [YYS] Siddur Tefillot Ha Mashiach
    About Palestine
    Dispensation Views
    Warning of the doctrine of Balaam links and philosophy
    ELOHIM's  Provision for Cleansing
    Was the New Testament written in Hebrew?
    The colours significants in Scripture
    Khasrani Messianic Fellowship

    Ger Toshav Messianic studies

    Ger Toshav flee from Idolartry

    Ani Ma Amin - I Believe

    Rosh Chodesh in the Scriptures

    Should Believer celebrate Christmas winter festival - Should believer commit themselves to speculate the date of birth Yeshua (ישוע)?

    Is Sunday Worship Mentioned in the New Testament?

    Archive information about the Samaritans
    Josephus' Attitude Toward the Samaritans

    [PDF] Differences between the Jews and Samaritans by Shomron

    Shomron Samaria Samaritan what the scripture tell us about Samaritans

    Warning about links blink-red.gif - 995 Bytes
    We do not necessary endorse every doctrine  written at their site

    Testimonies / Edut / Media presentationMS Windows Media
    Shuvu TV   / Yeshiva Shuvu TV  
    החברה לכתבי הקודש בישראל  The Hebrew video Brit Hadashah
    Messianic Minutes - Rabbi Ted Simon (left) and Jeffrey D. Miller (right) in the studio
    Yisrael shall be saved - watch movie on the life of Messianic Judaism Hebrew language with English subtitles

    The Goodnews written in book of Luke - Mashiach Yeshua (ישוע) in His Humanity - film

    The following have been update, outdated, dead links have been removed
    goblebook30.gif  En Gedi Resource Centre (US) English by Lois Tverberg - En Gedi Resource (HK) - Chinese / Vietnamese / Tagalog
    Hebraic Studies research by Peter Wong 黃德光傳道 - 舊約中的耶穌  Yeshua (ישוע) in the Torah
    goblebook30.gif [IE FORMAT]
    What the Rabbis Teach About The Mashiach and the New Testament Application best-vw-ie.gif
    goblebook30.gif [IE FORMAT]
    What the Rabbis Teach About the Mashiach (Part 2 of 2) best-vw-ie.gif
    The Temple: Its Ministry and Services by Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889)
    Sketches of Jewish Social Life by Alfred Edersheim 1876
    The Bible History, Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim The World Before the Flood, and The History of the Patriarchs
    The Life and Times of Yeshua (ישוע) the Mashiach by Alfred Edersheim 1883
    Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
    Center for Jewish History: Reference Collection
    Online Texts Related to Jewish History
    Messianic Judaism - Wikipedia
    The History of the Yemenite Jews - Wikipedia Eli Sawdayee  / A Society for Promoting Temani Culture
    Ofra Haza עפרה חזה
    Khazaria.com - History of Jewish Khazars, Khazar Turk, Khazarian Jews  
    BIBLE WOMEN, Old and New Testament: stories, ideas, Bible study activities, historical background
    blog-icon.gif 弥赛亚信徒 – Messianic Believers 既有耶稣的见证,同时遵守神的诫命_百度空间纠正教会一千七百年来因着祖宗的遗传,而废掉了神的诫命的传统。从希伯来角度重新学习圣经,回归到一世纪使徒时代纯正的信仰 – 我们得救不是因为遵守律法(因信称义);我们得救之后就要遵守律法(分别为圣
    Rabbi Yeshua (ישוע) Kehilat Sar Shalom  Get Shabbat Siddur here ; Torah kids, Hebrew roots studies, Messianic studies
     Hebrew for Christians - Learn Hebrew for FREE!  
    Seed of Avraham - Articles
     Messianic Gematria and Torah Codes | Scripture Code Chinese version - presented by Mosheh Zew
     YaSHanet Studies Table Content A must for Jewish studies: Matthew, Revelation, Moedim and Collective Wisdom. Check out the material use for Torah studies group
     Yashanet Intensive Studies YaSHaNet is dedicated to helping followers of Yeshua (ישוע) become conformed to the Image of HA SHEIM, and grow in intimacy with Him, through a proper understanding of the role of Adonai's Torah in their lives.
    Messianic Community - Funeral Service
    [Messianic Breakthrough]
    Something happen when a Jew "OPEN UP THAT BOOK" Brit Hadashah
    [ PDF file] ADONAI'S SUFFERING SERVANT Require Adobe Viewer
    [ PDF file]] The Midrash of the Mashiach" By Risto Santala Require Adobe Viewer
    Should Gentiles Follow Torah? - Acts chapter 15:19-22
    Hmmm. This passage seems to show there are only four rules given to Gentiles coming into the faith. While the Torah wasn't forced on Gentiles all at once, it was understood they would learn it gradually over time, hearing it each week in the synagogues. For that matter, Torah wasn't forced on Israel in a day either -- they too received it over time.
    Should Gentile believers in Mashiach convert to Judaism ? by Chaim Urbach - Messianic Pastor, Yeshua (ישוע) t Tzion Congregation, Denver, Colorado
    What is Kosher? - By Rabbi David Markel Hall -
    If you are a gentile, you do not need to keep rabbinical kosher to be righteous in G-d's sight. If you want to keep kosher, it is your choice as to how far to go. No one should put pressure on you to go beyond what is clearly and easily understood in Torah.
    Should we observe the Shabbat? - The Messianic Assembly
    Congregation Melekh Yisrael, The Messianic Jewish Torah Observant  Weekly Torah Reading There are many Torah study material,  Messianic Articles for Chinese Reader Why We Remove the Blood Before Eating Meat
    The Birkat Kohanim (Aharonic Blessing) - By Rabbi Michael Short
    Adonay bless you, and keep you. Adonay make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. Adonay lift up His Countenance upon you and give you SHALOM (Number 6:23-27)SOUNDAharon's Rod That Budded - Yochanan 15:16; Rev 1:6
    MBI THE Tallit: GARMENT OF GLORY Copyright ? David M. Hargis.
    [Ahavta] "TONGUES" ?A Messianic Perspective / also information about Glossolalia (Tongues) and 1 Corinthians 14
    NOTE: Salvation is a free gift from G-d. Accepting Yeshua (ישוע) as Mashiach is the only thing you need to do. Unfortunately there are many in the church that misinterpret Acts. The disciples gathered were filled with the Ruach HaKodesh-Holy Ruach and spoke in other languages unknown to them but known to the people gathered in the Temple from many parts of the eretz. It was known languages. (by Rabbi Michael Silver - Etz Chayim - Tree of Life Messianic Jewish Congregation)
    Messianic World site   Promoting Biblical Worship
    Yeshua (ישוע) in the TeNaKh by Arthur E. Glass
    Mashiach Now by DAVID ZEIDAN is an Israeli believer in Yeshua (ישוע) as Mashiach. This book has ten true stories of Israelis who came to faith in Yeshua (ישוע) which has been extentively used in Jewish evangelism In Israel and abroad,
    A Messianic Scriptural Study of the book of Romans Recommend you to read "A commentary on the Jewish Roots of Romans" - by Yosef Shulam
    Biblical Teaching and letter (Bridges for Peace)
    Dispatch from Yerushalayim
    Learn our Jewish Roots of our Faith by Bridges for Peace
    Have you ever heard of the Five Jewish Laws? From the Messianic Jewish Movement International : The Five Jewish Laws is a simple tool to introduce a person to the Jewish Mashiach using only Scriptures from the Jewish Scripture.
    Prophetic Timetable for Temple Rebuilding
    Machon HaMikdash / Temple Institute מכון המקדש - is an organization in Yisrael focusing on the controversial endeavor of re-establishing the Third Temple.
    The Millennial Temple A Study of Ezekiel chapters 40-48
    The Study of Yechezkiel 40 - 48
    Messengers Messianic Jewish Fellowship, New Jersey NJ
    Is It Wrong to Have PICTURES of Yeshua (ישוע) ?
    Yes, it violate the commandment of Adonai Exodus 20:5, 5: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above [note, the command is against any likeness, no matter what form], or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor SERVE THEM."


    1. Jewish Studies book, Messianic, and Christian Resources on Loan or Reference only @ Singapore National Libraries
    2. DAVAR - hebrew dictionary
    3. Hebrew at Milah - Free Hebrew Online Dictionary
    4. Hebrew World - Learn the Language and Jewish Prayer
    5. A Hebrew-English Scripture - According to Masoretic Text JPS 1917 Edition
    6. Hebrew Keyboard Tutor Java 1.1 required
    7. Learn how to write the Hebrew order stroke Correctly Just like our Chinese we have bi shun order of pen your stroke in order to write beautifully same goes with the Hebrew 希伯來文字母的寫法
    8. Learning Hebrew for Christian - good Messianic teaching
    9. Lev Software Tenakh,Serve a verse - you can learn to read Hebrew and the transliterate pronounciation (similiar to our Hanyu Pinyin) and English Translation
    10. Online Etymology Dictionary
    11. Learn Hebrew Glossary commonly use in scriptures. my person compilation of Hebrew word use both in Tenakh and Brit Hadashah
    12. Jewish Heritage Online Magazine - Learn Hebrew word
    13. Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine subscription
    14. Josephus : The Essential works by Paul Maier - free online reading

    Appendice useful resources

    Biblical Calendars
    The Septuagint Bible Online - English Translation
    Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow
    Online Hebrew Interlinear Bible
    Hebrew New Testament הברית החדשה - תרגום חדש
    Siddur Audio - Sound Clips: Learn Shabbat Service, Hebrew Prayers, Jewish Weekday, Passover Seder - Online
    Sephardic Pizmonim Project
    The Aleppo Codex
    Great Yeshayahu Scroll  
    The Temple Scroll
    The shrine of the Book

    Aramaic English Standard Version
    Dr. George Lamsa Bible Old Testament
    Hebrew Terminology / Glossary  |  כתבי הקדשׁ -
    Kitvei HaKodesh - The Hebrew Scriptures
    *Rabbinic teaching
    Lev Software - Serve-A-Verse(TM) Tenekh
    The Complete Tanach with Rashi - Classic Texts - Torah - Bible for the Chabad.
    Chabad.org Jewish Calendar
    Jewish Encyclopedia.com  
    Navigating the Bible II ToRaH reading
    CHABAD of Beverly Hills - Online Torah Classes
    Mishna English Translation Download Zip file
    Useful Interactive online Genealogy Chart

    The Word of Elohim is.....
    [DVRH] The 42 Names of ADONAI (יהוה)
    The Online Atlas of Yisrael and its Neighbours
    Judaism History, Belief and Practice downloadable Maps

    Five Keys Methods of learning Hebrews Scriptures
    Picture of Yisrael in Yeshua (ישוע) time
    Biblical weight and Measurement - diagram illustration
    Torah Productions: Commentaries
    Messianic page

    Messianic Jewish Scripture E-Sword Module download
    [KOS] The Biblical Dark hours of the trial of Yeshua (ישוע) Ha Moshiach
    Ha Chitzonium glossary Terms and phrases
    The 3D Bible Project by Stephan Tham
    24 Hebrew Idioms
    Interactive Map of Yisrael
    Bible History Online
    Open Bible Atlas Info - Satelite map
    Calvary Chapel of Thomasville Study Aids Page
    Resources : Israel, Scripture / Torah Study ﾿The search for Truth.
    Mennonite Library and Archives - Martyrs Mirror Images

    Greek Bible Study: Read, Translate, Organize, Share
    Children's Ministry Curriculum: Tenakh (OT) / Brit Hadashah (NT) |
    Bible Chart, timeline n Diagrams
    Bethesda Ang Mo Kio: Christian Education Program (CEP)  

    Our Daily Bread
    Companion Bible - PDF
    The Ten Commandment in the Torah:
    Shemot 20 | 613 Commandment overview | The Ten Classification of the Commandment


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