The 42 Names of HaShem


In Hebrew

In English

Scripture Reference

Adonay YHVH

The Lord God

Barasheet 15:2

Hamelekh YHVH

The Lord, the King

Tehillim. 98:6


The Lord

Shemot 6:2,3

YHVH Adon Kol Haeretz

The Lord, the Lord of All the Earth

Yehoshua  3:13

YHVH Maoz Khayyay

The Lord the Strength of My Life

Tehillim 27:1

YHVH Kherev

The Lordthe Sword

Devarim 33:29


The Lord My God

Tehillim 18:2

YHVH Elyon

The Lord Most high

Tehillim 7:17

YHVH Oz-Lamo

The Lord the Strength of His people

Tehillim 28:7

YHVH Gibbor Milchamah

The Lord Mighty in Battle

Tehillim 24:8

YHVH Maginnenu

The Lord Our Defence

Tehillim 89:18


The Lord Thy redeemer

Yeshayahu 49:26; 60:16

YHVH Hashopet

The Lord the Judge

Softim 11:27

YHVH Hosheah

The Lord Save

Tehillim 20:9

YHVH Immekha

The Lord Is with You

Softim 6:12

YHVH Izuz We Gibbor

The Lord Strong and Mighty

Tehillim 24:8

YHVH Yireh

The Lord Will Provide

Barasheet 22:14

YHVH Kabodhi

The Lord My Glory


YHVH Kanna

The Lord, Whose name Is Jealous

Shemot 34:14

YHVH Keren

Yishi-The Lord the Horn of My salvation

Tehillim 18:2

YHVH Machsi

The Lord My refuge

Tehillim 91:9

YHVH MaBarasheet

The Lord, The Shield

Devarim 33:29


The LordMy Fortress

Yerimeyahu 16:19

YHVH Melekh Olam

The Lord King Forever

Tehillim 10;16

YHVH Mephalti

The Lord My deliverer

Tehillim 18:2

YHVH Mekaddaishhem

The Lord Our Sanctifier

Shemot 31:1

YHVH Metzudhathi

The Lord.My Fortress

Tehillim 18:2

YHVH Misgabbi

The Lord My High Tower

Tehillim 18:2

YHVH Makheh

The Lord That Smiteth

Yechezkiel 7:9

YHVH Nissi

The Lord Our banner

Shemot 17:15


The Lord My Light

Tehillim 27:1

YHVH Rophe

The Lord That Healeth

Shemot 15:26


The Lord My Shepherd

Tehillim 23:1

YHVH Tzva'ot

The Lord of Hosts

1 Shemuel 1:3


The Lord My Rock

Tehillim 18:20

YHVH Shalom

The Lord Our Peace

Softim 6:24

YHVH Shammah

The Lord is there

Yechezkiel 48:35

YHVH Tzidkenu

The Lord Our Righteousness

Yerimeyahu 23:6

YHVH Tzuri

O Lord, My Strenghth



The Lord Their Strength

Tehillim 37:39

YHVH Moshiekh

The Lord Thy Saviour

Yeshayahu 49:26; 60:16

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