What does the Scripture say about HakHnaSaT OReHYM (HakHnaSaT OReHYM (hospitality))?

In the Tenakh

In the Renewed Covenant

A gift from YHVH Elohim (1 Peter 4:10-11)


Although example are found right through the Scripture, the only specific commands about providing HakHnaSaT OReHYM (hospitality) concern the Messianic Believer's responsibility towards his fellow believer.

HakHnaSaT OReHYM (hospitality) is a specific Messianic Believer character, is essentially outward-looking, issuing in a readiness to provide for the needs of others. It is our way of showing gratitude to YHVH Elohim for providing the perfect 'host' for us in the person of our Adonay Yeshua who gave the perfect example of divine generosity that comes from within the heart.

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