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Aleinu l'shabeiach la-Adon hakol,

It is our duty to praise the Master of all,

lateit gedulah l'yotser bereshit,

to ascribe greatness to the author of creation;

shelo asanu kegoyay ha'aratzot,

for He has made us unlike the pagans of the Lands

v'lo samanu k'mishpechot ha'adamah,

and has not placed us like the families of the earth.

shelo sam chelkeinu kahem,

and our lot like all their multitudes,

v'goraleinu kechol ha'monam.

And we bend the knee and bow,

Va-anachnu corim u'mishtachavim umodim,

lifney Melekh malchay ha'malakhim,

and acknowledge our thanks before the King of Kings,

haKadosh Baruch Hu.

the Holy One, Blessed be He

She-Hu notei shamayim v'yosed eretz,

He stretched out the heavens and established the earth's foundation

u'moshav y'karo ba'shamayim mima'al,

and the seat of His Glory is the heavens above

u-shkinat u-zo, b'gavhei m'romim.

and the presence of His power in the most exalted heights.

Hu Eloheinu ein ode

He is our Elohim, there is none other.

Emet Malkeinu efes zulato,

True is our King, there is nothing besides Him,

kakatuv betorato:

as it is written in His Torah:

V'yadata hayom

and you shall know this day

v'hashevota el levavekha.

and take it to heart,

Ki HaShem (Adonai) Hu haElohim

for HaShem (Adonai) HE is Elohim,

bashamayim mima'al,

in the heaven above

v'al ha'eretz mitachat ein-ode.

and on the earth below, there is none other.

V'ne-emar, v'haya: HaShem (Adonai), l'Melekh al kol ha'eretz,

And it is said: "HaShem (Adonai) shall be King over all the Lands;

ba-yom hahu, ba-yom hahu, yihyeh HaShem (Adonai) echad,

on that day HaShem (Adonai) will be One and His Name One."

u'shemo, u'shemo, u'shemo echad.

and Name is One

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