Prayers  for Travelers

Y'hi ratzon milfaneicha Adonay

May it be your will, Adonay

Eloheinu vElohei avoteinu

Our Elohim and Elohei of our fathers.

shetolicheinu l'shalom

that You lead us to peace

v'tatzideinu l'shalom

guide our footsteps to Peace,

v'tadricheinu l'shalom

make our way toward peace

v'tagieinu limchoz cheftzeinu

and bring us to our desired destination

l'chayim ulsimcha ul'shalom

for life, happiness and peace.

v'tatzileinu mikaf

May You rescue us from the hand

Kol oyeiv v'oreiv baderekh

of every enemy or ambush on the way,

umikol minei furoniot

and from all kinds of trouble

hamitragshot lavo laolam

that happen in this world.

v'tishlach brahchah b'kol

Send blessing upon all

maaseih yadeinu

the work of our hands

v'titneinu l'chen ulchesed

and grant us grace, lovingkindness,

ul'rachamim b'eineicha

and mercy in Your eyes,

uveinei khol roeinu

and in the eyes of all who see us

v'rishma kol tachanuneinu

Hear the voice of our supplication,

ki EL shomeia

for You are the Almighty Who hears

Tefillah v'tachanun Atah

Prayers and supplication

Barukh Atah Adonay

Blessed are You Adonay

shomeia tefillah

Who hears Prayers.

some also recite the following Scriptures : Beresheet 32:-3; 49:18; Shemot 23:20; Tehillim 29:11

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