The Biblical Numeral Ten

10 is the beginning of a new series of numbers. From 1 to 9 a cycle is completed. Putting 1 before each number we form a new cycle (10 – 19). So 10 denotes:

Perfection of divine order; completeness, whole, The WORD is Yuh, Yuh is ten means the word of Elohim is final Authority

E.g. *10 mitzvot or common known as Ten utterance contain all that is necessary for man to walk before Elohim (Shemot 20)


The 10 “I AM’s” in Yochanan’s good news show Messiah as complete satisfaction for man

The generational line from Adam to Noah is ten generations. We understand that all these generations remembered ADONAI’s promise to Eve of a Redeemer because you can see it in the naming of their children and the meanings beside them:

Adam: man
Seth: is appointed
Enosh: mortal
Kenan: sorrow
Mahalalel: blessed one
Jared: will come down
Enoch: teaching
Methuselah: that his death will send
Lamech: the hidden King (despairing)
Noah: Rest (comfort)

Putting all the names together it says, "Man is appointed mortal sorrow. Blessed One will come down teaching that His death will send the hidden King rest (or despairing comfort)." The whole redemption message was given in the naming of their children and in the first ten generations! They truly believed that the Redeemer (ADONAI in the flesh) would come in Noah’s time!

There are 10 repeated names in Scripture (e.g. “Avraham, Avraham” : Gen 22:11). The others are:

Yaakov (Gen 46:2);
Moshe (Shemot 3:4);
Shemuel (1 Sam 3:10);
Martha (Luke 10:41);
Simon (Luke 22:31);
Shaul (Acts 9:4);
Adonay (Matt 7:21);
Eloi (Matt 27:46);
Yerushalayim (Matt 23:37)

The anti-Messiah world power is symbolized in 10 kingdoms = the 10 toes (Dan 2:41) and 10 horns (Dan 7:7)

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