Names of Messiah Yeshua
The A W

  1. To review the popular names and titles of our Adonai.
  2. To understand the fullness of His attributes, nature and ministries
  3. To adore and appreciate Him in all his shekinah (glory) and humility.

Philippians 2: 5-11

The Scripture is centred on the Messiah. He was there when Yahweh Elohim created the earth (Col 1:16), He is the very image of the invisible Yahweh, the Alef and the Tav (Alpha and Omega), the beginning and the ending (Rev 1:8, 21:6) and the first-born of the dead (Col 1:18).

Throughout the Old Covenant and New Covenant Yahweh inspired different men to address our HaShem with a rich variety of names and titles to describe His deity, regal, legal and human heritage, as well as His person and purpose for incarnation. Names are meaningful, and Biblical names more so. Malachi exhorts those that fear HaShem to think upon His name (Malachi 3:16).

Sonship of our L_rd
Ben Elohim (Son of G_d - Divine Heavenly Heritage

Title use sparingly by Messiah to describe Himself (Jn 5:25, 10:36, 11:4, 17:1-3) He knew it would offend His religious enemies.

Son of David - Davidic Holy Heritage
G_d promised David that his throne would last forever (2 Sam 7:13, Gal 3:16), a promise that refers to Messiah Yahshua, David's true Son. This title is record by:

Son of Man - Despised Human Heritage
Messiah used this name most. It stresses both His humanity and heaven's mission.

Human Parentage

Human Parentage
The Davidic covenant established in 2 Sam 7:13 points to the future Kingdom of Messiah. Deposed from heaven's glory, the Only Begotten of the father (Jn 1:14) became Man (Jn 4:29, Gal 4:4) to live and walk among men, to be despised and rejected. He is

The Bread of Life (6:35)
The light of the World (9:5)
The door/door of the Sheep (10:9, 7)
The Good Shepherd (10:11). Also Chief Shepherd (1 Pt 5:4), Great Shepherd (Heb 13:20),
My Shepherd (Ps 23:1), Shepherd and Bishop of our souls (1 Pt 2:25)
The Resurrection and the Life (14:6)
The Way/Truth/Life (14:6)
The True Vine/Vine (15:1,5)
The Last Adam and Second Man (1 Cor 15:45, 47)
Foundation/Stone/Tried Stone/Precious Cornerstone/Sure Foundation (Is 28:16, Mt 21:12,42)

Historic Prophet - Past Ministry
Adonai Yeshua HaMashiach in His pre-incarnate appearance (Christophany) often came in the name of 'the Angel of the L-rd' to prophesy to:

Holy Priest - Present Ministry
'It is finished'. After our L_rd completed His mission to man, He was buried. He then resurrected and ascended to the right hand of the Ha Av (Father) where He continues to serve as our.

Heavenly Potentate - Potential Manifestation
Soon the morn will dawn. We will see Him as the

Elohim promised David that his son Sholomo (peaceful) would have Shalom (1 Ch 22:9). Messiah our shalom will rule in peace for a thousand years. Israel will welcome their king (Ps 24:8,10). All will know that He is Yahweh the King (ps 10:16, 22:28)