Blessing over the Service All Rise

There is no Elohim like Thee,

O HaShem (Adonai), and there are no acts like Thine.

Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.

Thy dominion endures throughout all generations.

HaShem (Adonai) is King,

HaShem (Adonai) was King,

HaShem (Adonai) shall be King

forever and ever.

He will give His strength to the people;

HaShem (Adonai) will bless His people with peace.


Father of compassion, do good towards Yaakov according to Your will, rebuild the walls of Yerushalayim.

For we trust in You alone, O king, Elohim, exalted and uplifted, Master of all Your creation. Yeshua, Anointed One of HaShem (Adonai), send Your Ruach haKodesh to bless us with wisdom and with peace.