In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to Chayyei Olam through Mashiach

Adoneinu we commend to

El Shaddai our brother/sister

Baruch Atah Adonai


Melekh HaOlam  

Dayan HaEmet

(the True Judge)

Shema  Yisrael Adonai

Eloheinu Adonai Echad

Baruch  Shem Kavod

(Bless Name Glorious)

Malkuto l'Olahm   va'ed

(whose kingdom [is] for ever and ever)

Yis-gad-dal v'yis-kad-dash

(Exalted and sanctified be)

sh'may rab-boh

(be His great Name)

b'ol'moh dee v'roh

(in the world which he created)


(according to His will)

V'yam-likh mal-choo-say

(And may he rule His Kingdom).


(and may He cause to spring forth).


(His Salvation).

vee-koh-rayv m'shi-chay

(and bring near .His Mashiach) [Messiah])



B'cha-yay-khon oo-v'yoh-may-khon

(in your lifetime and in your days)

oov-cha-yay d'chol Bais

(and in the lifetime of the entire House)

Yisrael, ba'a-goh-loh

(of Yisrael, speedily)

oo-viz-man koh-riv

(and in the near future).

v'imroo, Amein:

(and you say, Amen)

Y'hay sh'may rabboh

(May His Great Name) .

m'vorach l'olam

(be blessed forever)

ool'ol'may ol'm'yoh

(and for all eternity).



v'yish-tabbach v'yis-po-ar

(and praised, glorified)

v'yis-roma, v'yis-nas-say

(and exhalted and uplifted).

v'yis-had-dar, v'yis-al-leh

(honored and lifted up)

v'yis-hal-lal, Sh'may

(and extolled be the Name)

d'kood-shoh b'reekh hoo

(of the Set Apart One, blessed be He)

l'ay-loh min kol

(above all)

bir-khoh-soh v'shi-roh-soh

(blessings and hymns)



v'neh-kheh-mah-tah dah-ah-mi-rohn

(and consolations which we utter )

b'olmoh, v'imroo (in the world, and you say)

Amein: Y'hay sh'loh-moh

(Amen. May there be peace)

rab-boh min sh'mah-yoh

(abundant from heaven)

v'chayyim ah-lay-noo

(and Life for us)

v'al kol Yisrael

(and for all Yisrael)

V'imroo Amein: Oseh

(and you say , Amen. May He who makes)

shalom bim-roh-mov hoo

(peace in His high heavens)

yah-ah-say shalom oh-lay-noo

(make peace for us)

v'al kol Yisrael

(and for all Yisrael)

v'imroo Amein.

(and you say, Amen.)

Hesped (Eulogy, Funeral sermon)

Yeshayahu 57:1-2

The Tzaddik  perishes, and no man takes it to heart:

and anshei chesed  are taken away,

no one considering that the Tzaddik are taken away

to be spared from evil.

The Tzaddik shall enter into shalom: they shall rest in their beds,

each one walking in his uprightness.

Now as Rebbe Melekh HaMashiach approached the sha'ar of the shtetl--hinei-- an ish met

(dead man) was being carried out for kevurah (burial); he was the

ben yachid (only son) of his Em, and she was an almanah (widow) and a considerable

crowd from the shtetl was with her. And when Rebbe Melekh HaMashiach Adoneinu

saw her, he had rachmei shamayim (heavenly compassion) over her and said, Do not

weep. And having approached, he touched the

aron met (coffin); and the bearers stood still, and he said,

"Bocher, to you I say, get up."

And the niftar (deceased person) sat up and he began to speak, and Rebbe Melekh

HaMashiach gave him to his Em (Mother). And everyone was filled with yirat

Shamayim and they were shouting, Baruch HaShem! And they were saying,

"A navi gadol is among us, and HaShem has visited His people."

Mashiach's Kaddish

Avinu shbaShomayim yitkadash

(Our Father which art in heaven)

yit-kah-dash sh'meh-khah

(Hallowed be thy Name)

Tavo malchutechah

(Thy Kingdom come)

Ye'aseh rtzonechah

(Thy will be done)

kmoh vaShamayim

ken ba'aretz

(on earth as it is in heaven)

Es lechem chukeinu

ten lanu hayom

(Give us today our daily bread).

oo-slach lanoo es

(and forgive us)


(our debts)

kah-ah-sher salachnoo

(as we forgive)

gam anachnoo la'chah-yah-vay-noo

(also our debtors)

v'al tvi'aynoo li-dey

(and lead us not into)

nisayon, ki im chal-tzei-noo

(temptation, but deliver us)

min harah ki l'chah

(from evil, for thine)


(is the Kingdom)


(and the power)


(and the glory)

l'ol'mei olamim






Y'varechkhcha YEHOVAH (יהוה)


ya'ayr YEHOVAH (יהוה)

panav aylekha vi-khoo-neh-chah

yisah YEHOVAH (יהוה)

panav aylekha v'yasaym l'kha shalom

(Bamidbar 6:24-26)


Everyone HaShem Elohim Avinu gives to Mashiach Adoneinu will come to him. Anyone

who believes in him He will never cast out. If we confess with our mouths Mashiach

Tzidkaynu and believe in our hearts in the Techiyas HaMashiach of Mashiach Tzidkaynu,

then HaShem will give us His Ruach HaKodesh.


My heart therefore is glad and my nefesh rejoices, my body also shall rest in hope. You,

Adoneinu, will show me the Path of Life, in your presence there is fullness of joy. At

your right hand are pleasures for evermore.