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I managed to watch the movie "Passion of Christ" here in
Singapore. Just give brief outline of this movie. I can't write well so I trust you can understand.

Language use Aramaic Movies

Movie classified as : M-18

I understand a few familiar word in Aramaic with the help of subtitle translation I picked up some word with some understanding.

Clothing : women type like the nun, High priest not quite accurate. Does not seem to look like a type high priest clothing.

The name use for Jesus is Yeshua in Aramaic

The movie began with "Yeshua" in the
garden of Gethsemene while He was praying His sweat with blood oozing out of his forehead and facial covered with sweat and blood dripping on the ground.

In the midst, satan watched him praying to the Father in heaven. satan release a snake crawling toward "Yeshua", He got up used His leg and stamp the snake head to death.

The next scene was Judas pronounce Yehudas received 30 piece of silver from the high priest. Then the temple guard ask him look for "Yeshua" whereabouts. Yehudas with the guards came to
garden of Gethsemane, Yehudas gave "Yeshua" a kissed of betrayal. The guards asked him if he was "Yeshua" and He answered "Ani Hu" a strong gust of wind throw the people back to the face to ground. They got up to their feet and seized him. There was a struggle with guards and Talmidims, Peter pronounce as Kefa took the sword and cut off one of the guard's ear. That guard cried in great pain. "Yeshua" restored his ears. The guard was astonished and marvel at what "Yeshua" did for him. He just sit down watch with awe, he did not partake in harsh treatment against "Yeshua".

"Yeshua" was brought to the leaders of the Pharisees confront him with accusations of blasphemy and his results in a condemnations of death. The pharisees slap him and spit on him.

Back in Pilate home, his wife had a bad dream, and warn her husband Pilate not to have anything to this man as He is a Holy man. Her husband Pilate take heed what his wife word. When the people brought "Yeshua" to Pilate question him and find no fault in Him. He channel the judgment to King Herod. When Pilate was taking the case his wife was stand there watched her husband Pilate and Pilate beam at his wife acknowledge the warning.

Herod was silly king only wanted to see his miracles but when "Yeshua" refused to say anything to that silly king. Herod deliver "Yeshua" back to Pilate. Pilate was great disappointment had no choice by to handle the case, He suggested that "Yeshua" only to get some stroke and set him free. The decree was given to executer got "Yeshua" severe canning. "Yeshua was collapsed, in the moment He saw her mother "Mary" and Yochanan the one who sit next to "Yeshua" at the last supper. He regain strength and stood up right. The Roman was bewildered at the strength that he had. The Roman soldiers was evil crazy ness grew, they too the whip with the scotched hook. which they were not given instruction to do so. Those two soldiers whip "Yeshua" with great
barbaric madness, the more blood they saw the more madness they become. In the crowd of the midst stood satan carried a demon child watching "Yeshua" being tortured. "Yeshua" was so badly scorched until his whole body bloody disfigure the skin peel, strip, and too bloody looking like to completely skinned lamb.

Just then news reach the Pilate ears of how the soldiers abuse "Yeshua" and order to stop the whipping. Then he was brought to cell there he was crown with the thorns, blood dripping down his forehead. They mocked at him and slapped him. After which he was brought to Pilate. Pilate was stunt at his disfigure look and was very nervous. Then he announced behold your king, those people below shouted we do not have king! the roman Caesar is our king. They flattered him so much.


Yeshua our substitute 

He came up with suggestion that every year they  would release a prisoner so took Barabbas (see Nave's Topical reference) and asked the people whom do they choose. Pilate's intention probably wanted to show the distinguish between the criminal and  "Yeshua" a Torah Observant Jew with the hope that they will choose "Yeshua" but to his disappointment they chose to release Barabbas (Messiah Yeshua took His place). Pilate was disgusted by the look of Barabbas (a murderer and Robber) but had no choice but to fulfill their wishes.

The opposition of the people was so strong that was not sure what to do ask the people what should I do with this man I find no fault in him. The yelling came up to him saying "impaled Him". Pilate was so much being pressured that he finally gave in to the pressure. His wife watched him the entire scenario in great disappointment and left when her husband pronounced final judgment. Pilate wash his hand to declare his innocent.

"Yeshua" was forced to carry the "tree of suffering". He walked the very path of which Isaac carried the wood to
Mount Moriah. It was extreme heavy his affliction has added much burden. He had tripped and fell many times. Each time He fell He saw her mother watching in tears. He got up with strength and walk. Half way the journey the Roman general gave orders for the soldier to carry the cross and not allow "Yeshua" carry. But the soldier were unwilling then compel Simon the Cyrene to carry the cross along with Yeshua. Simon Cyrene was unwilling to carry that tree of suffering and said "Yeshua" was a condemn man. Back in the court the scene of Pilate was very depressed. The Roman soldier are not very obedience they did more harsh treatment that they were not suppose to do.

When Simon saw how the Roman soldier abusing "Yeshua" he yelled to stop the Roman soldiers and threaten that they continue to torture "Yeshua" he would not carry the tree of suffering any more. So the soldier had carry on the journey.

When they reached
Golgotha, the execution took place. All the 7 sayings of Yeshua was uttered .The thief who sneered at Yeshua was pecked by a raven. The other thief repented of his sins and ask "Yeshua" to remember him in His Kingdom glory. The thief who repented was assured by "Yeshua" that very night he will be with him in paradise.

From the sixth hour darkness was upon the land, then on ninth hour the sun darkened  Yeshua cried with a loud voice  saying "Eli Eli  lama sabachthani? (My God My God why hast thous forsaken me?, when the scripture has accomplished He said I thirsted. The vinegar was offered by He refused,   we are so hopeful for "neer mar" (It is is accomplished") was the saying of Yeshua satan yelled with great defeated, the earth shake violently. In panic orders was given to finish off all the crimminals. The soldier broke the two thief leg but when he saw "Yeshua" was dead he break not. Another soldier asked him why he do not break his leg he said "Yeshua" can't you see he is already dead "well then pierce his side. The side
of "Yeshua" was pierced, water and blood was shower upon the Roman soldier's head. He took off his helmet and Knelt before "Yeshua". This is truly this the son of God.

The end part showed John, Mary and Mary Magdalene took the body of "Yeshua" and the scene of "Yeshua" resurrection. His badly scared body was clear only the pierced hand.

Screen shot that are not mention or omitted in gospel writing.

  • A flash back past Yeshua seen teasing his mother by splash water on her mother ??? Yeshua has no sin would Yeshua be a michievious?
  • Yeshua took the mud from the ground and place on the temple guard's cut off ear.
  • satan at the garden of Gethsemene a snake crawl out from satan to Yeshua, Yeshua stamp and crush the serpents head. Gen 3:15
  • The clothing of the Jewish women are nun design. I am not sure of high priest it do not look like high priest clothing.
  • When Peter Kefa denied "Yeshua" 3 times I did not hear the cock crow just a flash back scene what Yeshua told Kefa.
  • The omission about the ministering women who wept for "Yeshua" and that Yeshua told them not to wept for him but wept for their future children to come. This part was omitted.
  • satan was seen following Yeshua from the garden of Gethsemani to golgatha. satan was seen carrying a demonic child look like alien
  • It seem the movie portray that each time "Yeshua" saw Mary her
    mother he regain strength???
  • Yehudas was disturb by a group of naughty children later Yuhudas
    saw the children has the face of demons ???
  • Yehudas saw the decomposed lamb in the wilderness that led him
    hang himself ????
  • The thief who reject "Yeshua" a raven peck his eye until he
    bleed ????
  • The disfigurement of Scarred Yeshua was like unto being exocite.
  • The veil of the temple was rent in twain from top to the bottom (Mark 15:37) was not shown.
  • The movie shows Yochanan, Mary and Martha  brought "Yeshua body down. But Luke 23:50-56 it was Joseph Arimathaea who beg to claim the body from Pilate came with linen  Matt 27:59 and Nicodemus myrrh and aloes John 19:39. While the women Mary and Martha follow along with them to the brand new Tomb that was never been used.

I do not view this movie as anti semetism. I suppose the purpose of omitting the women who wept for Yeshua (Luke 23:28) was to avoid anti-Semitism. The clothings may be design not to have very Jewish costume may be part of the purpose to avoid anti-Semitism. Another reason this movie was in Aramaic to preserve the origin language during "Yeshua" time.

Just to add on some points I miss out.

Pilate's wife brought a linen cloth and gave it to Mary and showed her compassion of Yeshua. She look at Mary feeling very sorry for what her husband had done. She ran away without saying anything. Mary was very surprised and look at the linen cloth. She used the linen cloth to wipe the blood of Yeshua dripping on the floor at the whipping center.

The Roman soldiers did not like the people , when they saw the people did not show any sign of compassion or merciful of their so call "criminal". They took advantage of "Yeshua" to abused Him beyond measure. Let's have fun atitude.

One of Roman soldier probably a general riding a horse, carry order given by Pilate, who later pierce Yeshua side, have took notice of a certain woman who have been constantly followed "Yeshua". He asked who that woman was. He had some feelings for Yeshua but he could not do much but follow orders as a soldier. However many occasions gave
order to other soldier not to treat "Yeshua so harshly. He was the soldier who later declare the Yeshua was truely the Son of God.

The unfair treatment was that the two thievie was crucified without any form of physical torture. But Yeshua was so badly hurt and badly scared with severe injuries.


Who was to be blame?



No one should be blame!

to the gentile who physically crucified  "Yeshua" He pleaded mercy and forgiveness (Luke 23:34)from the Almighty Creator. To those who might think the Jews were lack of  compassion delivered Yeshua to the Roman Soldiers to be afflicted and crucified. He pleaded  for mercy and forgiveness from the Almighty for they knew not what they were doing. All wrong doing were forgiven.

Yeshua Said: Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father. --John 10:17-18

So no one have the right to accused any one, where the Almighty has forgiven mankind.

Without the atoning blood of Yeshua we will have no hope and we will all died in our sin. Yeshua has fulfill the promise to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15, Noah the ark –Genesis 6-7 and Abraham the cut covenant (Genesis 15) that He will restore that fellowship with God. So be thankful of His grace and mercy.

Messiah Yeshua paid it all for us both Jews and Non-Jews the affliction and death. May those who have seen the movies open your heart to received the blood atonement of Yeshua and that you may enter into His everlasting paradise just as He has promise the thief who repented.

On the whole I see the gospel is well preached and does served it's mission. I watch tearful and just think how much He had suffer and die for our sins.

The coming gospel of John movie is PG so I think children can watch.

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