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Divrei HaYamim Bet / דברי הימים

2nd Chronicles chapter 2

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Sh'lomo (שׁלמה) prepares to build the Temple

Preparation: Men, Materials and Methods

(1 Melekhim 5:1-18; 7:13,14)

2:1(1:18) And Sh'lomo (שׁלמה) determined to build a Beit for the Name of YHWH (יהוה), and a Beit for his malkut.

2:2(2:1) And Sh'lomo (שׁלמה) told out 70,000 men to bear burdens, and 80,000 to hew in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred to oversee them.

2:3(2:2) And Sh'lomo (שׁלמה) sent to Churam the melekh Tzor (Tyre), saying, As thou didst deal with David my father, and didst send him cedars to build him a Beit to dwell therein, [even so deal with me].

2:4(2:3) Behold, I build a Beit to the Name of YHWH (יהוה) Elohai, to dedicate [it] to him, [and] to burn before him ketoret sammim (fragrant incense), and for the ma'arekhet tamid (continual setting in array), and for the olot morning and evening, on the Shabbatot, and on every Rosh-Chodesh (new moon), and on the solemn Mo'adei YHWH (יהוה) Eloheinu. This [is an ordinance] for ever to Yisra'el.

2:5(2:4) And Ha Beit which I build [is] great:

For great [is] Eloheinu above all elohim.

2:6(2:5) But who is able to build him a Beit, seeing the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain him? who [am] I then, that I should build him a Beit, save only to burn zevach (sacrifice) before him?

2:7(2:6) Send me now therefore a man cunning to work in zahav, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron, and in argaman  (purple), and karmil (crimson), and blue, and that can skill to grave with the cunning men that [are] with me in Yehudah and in Yerushalayim, whom David my father did provide.

2:8(2:7) Send me also cedar trees, beros (cypress), and algum trees, out of Levanon: for I know that thy avadim can skill to cut timber in Levanon; and, behold, my avadim [shall be] with thy avadim ,

2:9(2:8) Even to prepare me timber in abundance: for Ha Beit which I am about to build [shall be] wonderful great.

2:10(2:9) And, behold, I will give to thy avadim , the hewers that cut timber, twenty thousand measures of beaten wheat, and twenty thousand measures of seorah (barley), and twenty thousand baths of wine, and twenty thousand baths of oil.

2:11(2:10) Then Churam ha melekh Tzor (Tyre) answered in writing, which he sent to Sh'lomo (שׁלמה):

"Because YHWH (יהוה) hath loved his people, he hath made thee melekh over them."

2:12(2:11) Ve yomer Churam:

"Baruch YHWH (יהוה) Elohei Yisra'el, that made heaven and earth, who hath given to David the melekh a wise son, endued with prudence and understanding, that might build a Beit for YHWH (יהוה), and a Beit for his malkut.

2:13(2:12) And now I have sent a cunning man, endued with understanding, of Churam my father's,

2:14(2:13) The son of a woman of banot Dan, and his father [was] a man of Tzor (Tyre), skilful to work in zahav (gold), and in kesef (silver), in brass, in iron, in stone, and in etzim (timber), in argaman  (purple), in blue, and in fine linen, and in karmil (crimson); also to grave any manner of graving, and to find out every device which shall be put to him, with thy chachamim (cunning men), and with the chachmei (cunning men) adoni (my master) David Avicha.

2:15(2:14) Now therefore the chittim (wheat), and the se'orim (barley), the oil, and the wine, which adoni (my master) hath spoken of, let him send unto his avadim:

2:16(2:15) And we will cut wood out of Levanon, as much as thou shalt need: and we will bring it to thee in floats by sea to Yoppa; and thou shalt carry it up to Yerushalayim.

2:17(2:16) And Sh'lomo (שׁלמה) numbered all the strangers that [were] in the land of Yisra'el, after the numbering wherewith David his father had numbered them; and they were found an hundred and fifty thousand and three thousand and six hundred.

2:18(2:17) And he set 70,000 of them [to be] bearers of burdens, and 80,000 [to be] hewers in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred overseers to set the people a work.

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