Torah Moshe 3:

Vayikra / ויקרא

Leviticus Chapter 9

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Parashah 26:Sh'mini (Eighth) 9:1-11:47

Offerings Presented by Aharon
Yom HaShemini after the previous seven  during which the Yisraelite performed the seven days of Inauguration offerings. It also known as "Hanukah ha Beit" (inaugural dedications service) in chapter 8:33-36. Yom HaShemini is also known as Day One - Yom Rishon
Torah outline
1st Aliyah - Call the Ordained
2nd Aliyah - Sacrifice Daily
3rd Aliyah - Consumed by fire
4th Aliyah - Eat the Minchah
5th Aliyah - Render Set apart service
6th Aliyah - Avoid impurity
Maftir make Distinictions
On Yom hashemini (eighth day), kara Moshe le Aharon and his banim, and the ziknei Yisrael;

9:2 Vayomer el-Aharon, Take for yourself a young calf for a Chatat, and a ram for a olah (burnt offering), temimim (without blemish), and offer [them] before ADONAI (יהוה).

9:3 And to the benai Yisrael you shall speak, saying, Take you a sa'ir izzim (male goat) for a Chatat; and a calf and a keves (lamb), [both] of the first year, temimim le olah.

9:4 Veshor (bullock) va' ayil (ram) le' shelamim, le zebach (sacrifice) li panei ADONAI (יהוה); and a minchah mingled with oil: for ha yom ADONAI (יהוה) will appear to you.

9:5 And they brought [that] which Moshe tzavah before the Ohel Moed (tent of meeting): and all the congregation drew near and stood li panei ADONAI (יהוה).

9:6 And Moshe said:

This [is] the thing which ADONAI (יהוה) commanded that you should do: and the glory of ADONAI (יהוה) shall appear to you.

9:7 And Moshe said to Aharon:

Go to the Mizbe'ach, and offer your Chatat, and your olah (burnt offering), and make an kapporah (atonement) for yourself, and for the people: and offer the offering of the people, and make kapporah for them; as ADONAI (יהוה) commanded.

9:8 Aharon therefore went to the Mizbe'ach, and slew the calf of the Chatat, which [was] for himself.

9:9 And the banim Aharon brought the blood to him: and he dipped his finger in the blood, and put [it] upon the horns of the Mizbe'ach, and poured out the blood at the bottom of the Mizbe'ach:

9:10 But the chelev (fat), and hakilayot (kidneys), and the lobe of the kaved (liver) of the Chatat, he burnt upon the Mizbe'ach; tzivah ADONAI (יהוה) et Moshe.

9:11 And the flesh and the hide he burnt with fire without the camp.

9:12 And he slew the olah (burnt offering); and Aharon's sons presented to him the blood, which he sprinkled round about upon the Mizbe'ach.

9:13 And they presented the olah (burnt offering) to him, with the pieces thereof, and the head: and he burnt [them] upon the Mizbe'ach.

9:14 And he did wash the inwards and the legs, and burnt [them] upon the olah (burnt offering) on the Mizbe'ach.

9:15 And he brought the people's offering, and took the goat, which [was] the Chatat for the people, and slew it, and offered it for sin, as the first.

9:16 And he brought the olah (burnt offering), and offered it according to the manner.


And he brought the minchah, and took an handful thereof, and burnt [it] upon the Mizbe'ach, beside the burnt sacrifice of the morning.

9:18 He slew also the bullock and the ram [for] a sacrifice of shelamim, which [was] for the people: and Aharon's sons presented to him the blood, which he sprinkled upon the Mizbe'ach round about,

9:19 And the chelev of the bullock and of the ram, the rump, and that which covers [the inwards], and the kidneys, and the caul [above] the liver:

9:20 And they put the chelev upon the breasts, and he burnt the chelev upon the Mizbe'ach:

9:21 And the breasts and the right shoulder Aharon waved [for] a wave offering before ADONAI (יהוה); as Moshe commanded.

9:22 And Aharon lifted up his hand toward the people, and blessed them, and came down from offering of the Chatat, and the olah (burnt offering), and shelamim.

9:23 And Moshe and Aharon went into the Ohel Moed (tent of meeting), and came out, and blessed the people: and the glory of ADONAI (יהוה) appeared to all the people.

9:24 (iii)

And there came a fire out from before ADONAI (יהוה), and consumed upon the Mizbe'ach the olah (burnt offering) and the chelev: [which] when all the people saw, they raised their voices in praise and threw themselves on their faces.

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Yom Hashemini or The eighth day is famous in scripture for the perfecting and purifying both of men and beasts. See Vayikra 12:2-3 Vayikra 14:8-10, vayikra 15:13-14, Vayikra 22:27. And the ziknei Yisrael - All the congregation were called to bee witnesses of Aharon's installment into his office, to prevent their murmurings and contempt; which being done, the elders were now sufficient to be witnesses of his first execution of his office.

raised their voices in praise   'sang out' (Saadia) or 'became ecstatic'