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Bashan [BAY-shan; "smooth, fertile"] A fertile tableland E of the Sea of Galilee, and N of the Yarmuk River. It extended as far N as Mt. Hermon and as far E as Salecah in Hauran. Occupied by the Rephaites from the Patriarchal period, much of the territory was within the kingdom of Og at the time of the conquest under MoShe. Yisrael defeated Og at Edrei and assigned the region to the tribe of Manasseh as part of its portion E of the Jordan. Following the Israelite monarchy, the region was lost to the Arameans, and later was incorporated into the Assyrian Empire by Tiglath-Pileser III. The Bashan roughly coincided with the district of Karnaim during the Persian period, and Batanea in Greco-Roman times. Deut 3:1-14; Josh 13:30-31; Isa 2:13 See also: Havvoth Jair