First Commandment


Shemot 20:2-3

"I am YHWH your Elohim, who brought you out of the land of Mitzrayim, out of the house of slavery. "You shall have no other gods before Me.  

n1. You shall not believe that anything else has the power of Elohim except for YHWH (Shemot 20:3).

n14. You shall not swear in the name of false gods (Shemot 23:13).

n15. You shall not urge other people to worship idols (Shemot 23:13).

n28. You shall not listen to the prophecy of someone who prophesy in the name of an idol (Dvarim 13:4).

n29. You shall not fear or show pity to a false prophet (Dvarim 18:22).

n31. You shall not predict the future by any method of divination (Dvarim 18:10).

n32. You shall not use astrology or read the stars to predict the future (Dvarim 18:10)

n33. You shall not act upon the basis of superstitions (Dvarim 18:10).

n34. You shall not practice witchcraft (Dvarim 18:10).

n35. You shall not use incantations (Dvarim 18:10-11).

n36. You shall not consult those who practice "ov"worship (see #8) (Dvarim 18:10-11).

n37. You shall not consult those who practice "Yidde'oni"worship (see #9) (Dvarim 18:11).A yidde'oni is one who places the bone of a yidoa'7 in his mouth and it speaks of itself.

n38. You shall not try to communicate with or seek information from the dead (Dvarim 18:11).

n47. You shall not believe in ideas that oppose the Torah (Bamidbar 15:39).

n48. You shall not make a treaty with the Seven Nations of Canaan (Dvarim 7:2).

n49. You shall not allow any inhabitants of the Seven Nations of Canaan to live (Dvarim 20:16).

n56. We are forbidden to offer peace to Ammon or Mo'av (Dvarim 23:7).

n58. You shall not fear during a time of war (Dvarim 7:21).

n59. You shall not forget what Amalek did (Dvarim 25:19).

n64. You shall not test the promises or warnings of Elohim (Dvarim 6:16).

n195. It is forbidden to eat or drink more than our needs demand (Vayikra 19:26).

n313. It is forbidden to add anything to either the Written Torah (Dvarim 13:1).

n314. It is forbidden to delete anything from the Torah (Dvarim 13:1).

p1. Believing in Elohim (Shemot 20:2).

p2. The Oneness (unity) of Elohim (Dvarim 6:4).

p3. Loving Elohim (Dvarim 6:5).

p4. Fearing Elohim (Dvarim 6:13).

p5. Worshiping Elohim "Prayer"(Shemot 23:25).

p8. Following & Imitating Elohim's ways (Dvarim 28:9).

p10. Reciting the "Shema" (Dvarim 6:7).

p11. Studying and Teaching the Torah (Law) (Dvarim 6:7).

p14. Wearing Tzitzit (Fringes) (Bamidbar 15:38).

p15. The Mezuzah (Dvarim 6:9).

p18. A personal Torah Scroll (Dvarim 31:19).

p19. Grace after Meals (Dvarim 8:10).

p172. Heeding a Prophet (Dvarim 18:15).

p187. Destroying the seven idol-worshiping Nations (Dvarim 20:17).

p188. Total destruction of Amalek (Dvarim 25:19).

p189. Remembering what Amalek did (Dvarim 25:17).

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