You Are What You Eat - The Science Behind Elohim's Dietary Laws

Why does the bible forbid the eating of pork, shellfish, mice and ravens?

Because these animals were never meant for human consumption.

They were designed by Elohim to clean up the filth and rotting corpses of the world.

Vayikra 11 and Deuteronomy 14 are both scientifically accurate and sound medical advice.

Elohim designed everything in the universe, including our bodies.
Don't you think He would know what is good (and bad) for it?

Elohim never abolished His dietary laws, which were designed for the benefit of mankind. He designed our bodies, as well as the bodies of these animals that are deemed unclean.

Take note:

Keep in mind that the higher the percentage the less toxic to the human body.

The lower the percentage the slower the growth rate of the culture and therefore the higher the toxicity of the sample being tested.


High percentage

(76% and up)= good to human body)

low percentage

(75% or less) = destructive and / or poisonous to human body

Beast (clean) - herbivorous

Calf 82%

Deer 98%

goat 90%

ox  91%

Sheep 94% - lamb chop lover

Beast (unclean)

Black bear 59%

camel 41%

cat 62% eat rats

dog 62% - those who like to eat dog meat take note - scavengers, can be carnivorous. I remember I gave my dog eat raw flesh  the bed bugs left the dogs body does not want to suck dog's blood.

fox 58%

grizzly beat  55% - carnivorous

groundhog - 53% - pig family

hamster 46%

opossum 53%

horse 39% - wow so toxic?  herbivorous? 

Rabbit 49% - those who like rabbit meat

rat - 55% - scavengers brings disease bubonic, remember the black death

Rhino 60%

squirrel 43%

pig 54% - pork lovers

Birds (clean)

Goose 85%

chicken 83%

duck  98%

pigeon 93%

quails 89%

Swan 89% - this is Chinese say want to eat tian er rou :-)

Turkey 85% - yea going to have turkey for Hannukah??

Bird (unclean)

Crow 46% - scavengers we can see many in our country just watch what they eat.

Owl 62% - eat rats also carnivorous

red tail hawk 36% - carnivorous - a type of eagle

sparrow hawk 63% - carnivorous

Fish (clean) with scale and fin notice fish has higher percentage than land animals

Black bass 80%

Black drum 105%

Blue fish 80%

carp  90%

cod 98% white meat - quite expensive most mother use this to cook porridge for their children

croaker 90%

Halibut 82%

Herring 100% - wow 100%

pike 98%

salmon 81% - not very high percentage it is orange meat.

smelt 90%

sea bass 103%  - available at most supermarket

Blue fin tuna - 88% - not high either dark red meat,

Fish (unclean) without scale or no scale n fin

Cat fish 48%

eel 40% - it was said that during 2004 tsunami the eel was found eating dead human flesh - toxic

porcupine - 60%

pofeur 51%

sand skate 59% - seabed cleaner?

dogfish shark 62%

stingray 40% - alas those who like eat stingray take note toxic

toad fish 49%

Yeshayahu 66:17 those who set themselves apart and cleanse themselves at the gardens after ‘One’ in the midst, eating flesh of pigs and the abomination and the mouse, are snatched away, together,” declares יהוה.


Background information about pigs in pagan practice and beliefs

Lev_11:7. pigs. Assyrian wisdom literature calls the pig unholy, unfit for the temple and an abomination to the gods.

There is also one dream text in which eating pork is a bad omen. Yet it is clear that pork was a regular part of the diet in Mesopotamia.

Some Hittite rituals require the sacrifice of a pig. Milgrom observes, however, that in such rituals the pig is not put on the altar as food for the god but absorbs impurity and then is burned or buried as an offering to underworld deities.

Likewise in Mesopotamia it was offered as a sacrifice to demons. There is evidence in Egypt of pigs used for food, and Herodotus claims they were used for sacrifice there as well. Egyptian sources speak of herds of swine being kept on temple property, and they were often included in donations to the temples. The pig was especially sacred to the god Seth.

Most evidence for the sacrifice of pigs, however, comes from Greece and Rome, there also mostly to gods of the underworld. In urban settings pigs along with dogs often scavenged in the streets, making them additionally repulsive.

The attitude toward the pig in Israel is very clear in Isa_65:4; Isa_66:3, Isa_66:17, the former showing close connection to worship of the dead. It is very possible then that sacrificing a pig was synonymous with sacrificing to demons or the dead

Elohim draws a strict line of demarcation between light and darkness, night and day, black and white, right and wrong, clean and unclean.

Elohim makes the rules, and man must make his decisions according to God's rules.

About David Macht

David Israel Macht (January 14, 1882 - October 14, 1961) was a Pharmacologist and Doctor of Hebrew Literature, responsible for many contributions to pharmacology during the first half of the 20th century.

Macht was an Orthodox Jew and a Doctor of Hebrew Literature, and he frequently advocated the position that there was a harmonious relationship between religion and science. He studied medical and other descriptions in the Bible and the Talmud, and published many papers that claimed to show that these were accurate descriptions of diseases or treatments. [5]. Such papers include:

Books by Macht

The dietary laws of Vayikra 11 and Deuteronomy 14 are scientifically ACCURATE, LOGICAL, and medically SOUND. David Macht's phytotoxic index clearly shows that these abominations destroy living flesh. Why would anyone want to eat toxins?

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