YHWH Said unto Yechezkiel:

The reason you were brought here is so that

I could show them to you.

Tell everything you see to Beit of Yisrael.

The Study of Yechezkiel 40 - 48 Index page

The Millenial Scene

Looking for more scale model of Millenial Mikdash visit this site


Entry Requirement applicable for all Jews and non-Jews living in the Messianic Era

44:9 Thus saith the Adonay (אדני) YHWH (יהוה);

No stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into My sanctuary, of any stranger that [is] among Benai Yisrael.

How can you be in Covenant relation and entry to His Santuary? Be sure you do not miss out any order of the steps.

Today salvation comes to you. How do you response?

Why is the Millennial Mikdash necessary?

  1. It will be for the purpose as a teaching center or school.
  2. It serves instruct men about the holiness of YHVH Elohim
  3. proper worship during the coming kingdom of Moshiach Yeshua on the earth.
  4. The Mikdash is supposed to remind everyone of the substitutionary death of Moshiach Yeshua, as the "Lamb of Elohim," at His first coming some two thousand years earlier. There will still be sinful man and women born during the Millennium period.

Some of the Notable differences and changes when Moshiach comes

  1. No Veil see Matt 27:51
  2. No Shulchan lechem panim (Table of shewbread) - He will be present
  3. No Menorah   - He is the light source
  4. No Ark of Covenant The Shekinah glory Himself will hover over all the world.
  5. only zarak (sprinkled) mayim tehorim (clean), don't seem to hear anything about immersion,
  6. Circumcision requirement is becoming prime issue
  7. observing the biblical feast and shabbat is requirement
  8. YHWH Shammah the Almighty is there

Below are the outline of the Ezekiel Mikdash instruction and construction. All the scriptures reference are hyperlinked, click to read the scriptures. You can switch which ever version you prefer.

Theme:- Judgment and Glory

Call of Yechezk'el

1, 2, 3,

Warning of Judgment upon Yerushalayim - use of Object lessons

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,

Judgments upon gentile Nations

25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32,

Yechezk'el's responsibility as watchman;


Prediction of events to take place at the end of the age;

Yisrael again in her own land

34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

The Millennial Temple, its Worship and

the Divsion of the Land during the Millennial Age

40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48

Millennial Scenes (chapter 40 - 48) The scripture reading is Quoted in Complete Jewish Bible Online

A.   The Millennial Mikdash in Yerushalayim ( Chapter 40 - 42)

  1. The Man with the Measuring Rod ( Chapter 40:1 - 4) In 14th Year after Yerushalayim was captured. Purposed: Commanded to fix his mind on everything he saw and to declare it to Ha Bayit Yisrael. Yechezkiel was given a vision of the city of Yerushalayim and the millennial Mikdash
  2. The East Gate of the Outer Court (Chapters 40:5 -16 Key point: Location of entrance, The walls were measured, the East gate was described. Note the East gate close 44:1 - 2 The east gate brought in memory that the glory of YHVH Elohim had departed Ezekiel 10:18, 19
  3. The Outer Court (Chapter 40:17 - 19) compared with 2 Chronicles 7:3 and Ester 1:6 contain 30 chambers
  4. The Other Two Gates of the Outer Court (Chapter 40:20 - 27) gateway facing North is to be like the eastern one, archways design and palm trees. South gate same measurements and structure and no gateway facing west.
  5. The Three Gates to the Inner Court (Chapter 40:28 - 37) The Inner court has 3 gateways: the southern gateway, facing east and North gateway
  6. The Equipment for Sacrifice (Chapter 40:38 - 43) 8 Tables at the vestibule provided at North gateway for animal sacrifices. Northern gateway symbolise Judgment Rev 6:9; 11::1-2. 4 tables of hewn stone will be used for burnt offering.
  7. The Chambers for the Kohanim (Chapter 40:44 - 47) Chambers will be provided for the singers, one set facing south and one facing North. 1) for Kohanim charge of Mikdash; 2) one facing North for Kohanim take charge of the Altar (the son of Zadok)
  8. The Vestibule (Porch ~lwa ) of the Mikdash (Chapter 40:48, 49) design similar to Sholomo Mikdash. reminds us that in all service we must build according to YHVH's specification. Precise measurements.
  9. The Sanctuary and Most Holy Place (Chapter 41:1 - 4) Similaries: measurements of sanctuary same as Sholomo Mikdash, The same two fold division of the ancient Mikdash apparently will be continued in the Millenial Mikdash.
  10. The Side Chambers (for Kohanim) (Chapter 41:5 -11) very masive, spacious, have 3 stories with 30 chambers in each story. increase in size as one ascends
  11. A Building West of the Mikdash (Chapter 41:12)
  12. The Measurements of the Mikdash (Chapter 41:13 - 15a)
  13. The Interior Decoration and Furnishing of the Mikdash (Chapter 41:15b - 26) Interir of the Mikdash is to have galleries on both sides, doorposts, and beveled window frames. Cherubim and palm trees will be decorated, alternating all around the building. The Cherubim speaks of YHVH's holiness,
  14. The Kohenims' Quarters (Chapters 42:1 - 14) located both north and south of the Mikdash. Kohanim will eat the most Kadosh offering and a place where they keep their sacred garments for ministering.
  15. The Measurements of the Outer Court (Chapters 42:15 - 20) Measurements 500 rods on each of it 4 sides. The distiniction between Holy and common in verse 20 is the difference between what we call sacred and secular. It is difference between worship and the common affairs of everyday life.

B. The Millennial Worship (Chapter 43, 44)

C. The Millennial Administration (Chapter 45, 46) located in the center of the land of Yisrael will be set apart for YHVH as Holy. It will be divided into 2 strips. The top half will contain the sanctuary and will be also be for the Kohanim. The lower half will be for Levy

D. The Millennial Land (Chapters 47, 48)

  1. The Healing of the Waters (Chapter 47:1 - 12)
  2. The Boundaries of the Land (Chapter 47:13 - 23)
  3. The Division of the Land (Chapter 48)  included the map division comparison with Yehoshua 13 -21, Notice the half tribe of Manasheh, Gad and Reuven has crossover to Jordan River.

TheDiagrams below using Mouse over effect, point on the diagram

To view the Land Division in Yehoshua's time point on the above map.The Map only cover on Yehoshua 31 - 21 the focus is on the type of First Love, first entry to promised land. And we look forward the everlasting promised.

List of Thirty One kings of the land of Canaan -Yehoshua-Judges

The circumcision cums entry to promised land reading @ Yehoshua 5

Place mouse over to view the encampment of mishkan

Biblical Weight and measurement

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