These are the words of Adonay the creator of Universe told Avraham

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."

Gen 12:3: Vs. 12:3 bless . . . curse. Abraham's relation to Hashem was so close that to bless or curse him was, in effect, to bless or curse HaShem. See examples in 20:2-18; 21:22-34; 23:1-20. in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. This promise was fulfilled in the coming of Avraham's seed, Messiah Yeshua (Gal. 3:8, 16).

"And the scripture, foreseeing that Elohim would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the goodnews unto Avraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed." (Galatians 3:8)

Gal 3:8: Vs. 3:8 The quote is from Gen, 12:3. 

Kaifeng in the time of Song Dynasty was rich and prosperous international city. Many Jews at that time chose to live in Kaifeng and first synagogue built in 1163. The Jewish community in China influenced the Chinese culture, such as Confucianism; Taoism and the Chinese classics, which had to be studied for the imperial examinations, for official appointments, and for social status. Many of our Chinese Practice and medical treatment and food have Jewish practice but people today are not aware of the origins. It was said that China today one of the only nations in the world that does not have a history of anti semetism and persecuting the Jews because of their faith and practices. Their hospitality given to Jew the History prove that Chinese much bless by the presence of the Jews. I eager to view the Chinese Jews: -Torah Scroll, but yet to view.  It is known as Dao gin jiao. You can read the articles about the Torah Scroll of Chinese Jews by Michael Pollak

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Jews in China - Kaifeng

Biography of Prof. Xu Xin XU XIN, Professor of History of Jewish Culture, and Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Nanjing University, People¡¯s Republic of China. He graduated as an English major from Nanjing University in 1977 and began to teach at the university since then. His academic career could be divided into two periods: Study on English and American literature before 1986 and study of Judaica since 1986. He became full professor in 1994 at Nanjing University. President of the China Judaic Studies Association, Editor-in-Chief and a major contributor of the Chinese edition Encyclopedia Judaica (Shanghai: The Shanghai People¡¯s Publishing House, 1993), he is author of Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng ( with Beverly Friend, Hoboken: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1995), Anti-Semitism: How and Why (Shanghai: Shanghai Shanlian Books, 1996), A History of Western Culture (Peking University Press, 2002), and The Jews of Kaifeng, China: History, Culture, and Religion ( KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 2003). He has also written numerous articles on Judaic topics, including studies of S.Y. Agnon, Saul Bellow, I.B. Singer, modern Hebrew literature, and surveys of Jewish communities in Shanghai, Tientsin, Harbin, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, in such publications as Foreign Literature Review, Foreign Literature Studies, Contemporary Foreign Literature, Journal of Nanjing University, Journal of Tongji University, Israeli Studies, Ariel, and Points East.
The Jews of Kaifeng China by Xu Xin
From the ninth century on, there was an indigenous Jewish community in the city of Kaifeng in northeastern China. Separated by thousands of miles from the rest of the world, and largely cut off from contact with the main centers of Jewish life, the Kaifeng Jews developed a distinctive culture that was unquestionably Jewish but progressively absorbed Chinese elements. Their greatest problem was not separation from other Jews so much as the openness and tolerance of Chinese society. Intermarriages occurred frequently, and Jews were fully accepted as merchants, government officials, and neighbors. Over time, they were so completely assimilated that few of their descendants carry any memory of Jewish ancestry and physically look much like other Chinese. The story of the Kaifeng Jews is dramatic and colorful, and offers many profound lessons. It will be indispensable to anyone interested in Jewish or Chinese history. Professor Xu Xin of Nanjing University is the foremost authority today on the history and sociology of Kaifeng Jewry. He has written and lectured widely on this subject, and his first book, Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng, was an outstanding critical success.








Shen Xiao Lan


Chinese : two accounts of the source of Shen both deal with states named Shen; one was established early in the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc) while the other was established later in the Zhou dynasty. Descendants of the ruling classes adopted the state name Shen as their surname.
Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Schoen.















Shoshana Li, a descendant of the Jewish community of Kaifeng, China, recently made aliyah and married an American Jewish immigrant to Israel. The wedding was organized by the Shavei Israel organization.

Street Map of Kai-Feng HeNan Sheng



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住棚節- 奉獻給以色列的神

If you are Chinese Jew, We have here with us a Chinese Jew you can write to: Micah

Kaifeng news

The Straits Times, 16 August 1930, Page 6 LOCUSTS AND PLAGUE -KaiFeng. ...Kaifeng. the provincial < f Honan, is ik.> suffering from a pe-t of locusts which has done considerable damage to the rice crops, and the populace has appealed for help. Plague is now prevalent between Kaifeng and Chengehow. The Red Cross j are active.;,- engaged fighting the scour

REDS ENTER KAIFENG [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 21 June 1948, Page 3, AP
REDS ENTER KAIFENG NANKING, Sun? Kaifeng. provincial capital of Honan, was reported to have fallen today ai military dispatches told of 6,000 Reds storming ?their way Into the city. In Nanking, President Chiang Kai-shek received the hwui| of Honan's provincial delegation today and assured them that "the Government will use... 
Chinese Take Capital Of Honan Province [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 25 April 1940, Page 9, REUTER
Chinese Take Capital Of Honan Province Chungking, Apr. 25. CHINESE forces in Honan Province claim to have surprised the Japanese forces by a sudden attack and captured Kaifeng, the provincial capital, after two days' fighting. Reuter. 
Chinese woman discovers her Jewish roots [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]  The Straits Times, 25 June 1985, Page 5,
Chinese woman discovers her Jewish roots QU YINAN could barely contain her excitement as she watched Rabbi Joshua Stampfer wash his hands m preparation for a Jewish Sabbath meal m Portland, Oregan. Qu, who spoke little English, gestured for the pewter cup the rabbi used for the ritual, expertly poured... 
China's first Jews [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 6 November 1991, Page 9, CHINA DAILY
China's first Jews THE first Jews immigrated to China in the Tang (AD 618-907) and Song dynasties (960-1279), and a Jewish community was formed in the imperial capital of Kaifeng. The Chinese used to call the Jews in Kaifeng "blue-capped Muslims" because the latter wore blue caps for religious rituals,...
Mystique of Jews in China [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 6 September 1990, Page 3, AP Mystique of Jews in China WHEN residents of North and South Scripture Lane In Kalfeng, China, see a foreigner wandering down their alley, they can guess why. "Are you looking for descendants of the Jews?" asked an old man sitting beside the dirty lane and told the visitor about Zhao,...

2,800 Japanese Reported Killed In Kaifeng [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 26 April 1940, Page 12, REUTER 2,800 Japanese Reported Killed In Kaifeng Chungking, Apr. 26. pHINESE troops who on Tuesday entered Kaifeng, capital of Honan province, have withdrawn after fierce street fighting in which 2.800 Japanese soldiers are reported to have been killed. Reuter. 

RAILWAYS IN CHINA. [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 8 December 1910, Page 7, RAILWAYS IN CHINA. London, December H. A Peking telegram Bays that Germany is pressing for an extension of the Kaifeng railway to Tsingtau to provide an important new route for the interior 

Six ancient cities found on top of each other in Henan [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 8 February 2002, Page 4, Six ancient cities found on top of each other in Henan KAIFENG (HENAN) Six ancient cities, the oldest and bottommost being more than two millennia old, have been confirmed to be lying underground on top of each other m Kaifeng city of Henan province. The unusual discovery was announced recently...

Kaifeng, centre of Song power [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 11 February 1982, Page 1, ...Since then, the city had served as the capital of several peripheral dynasties but it was only during the Northern Song that Kaifeng reached its zenith. Various reasons accounted for its spectacular growth, partly due to the concentration of the court, bureaucracy and wealthy men a common phenomenon wherever a... 

Chinese Attacks In The North [ARTICLE]  The Straits Times, 15 April 1939, Page 11, REUTER Chinese Attacks In The North Heavy Losses Caused In Raid On Kaifeng Peiping, Apr. 15. JAPANESE official reports state that the Chinese forces attacking Kaifeng, capital of Honan, have been driven off but they admit that fighting is still proceeding about four miles south of Kaifeng. The Japanese authorities deny...

MAGISTRATE BAO ON THE BENCH [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 20 April 1999, Page 5, AFP...The city government of Kaifeng will also earmark 28 million yuan (555.3 million) to rebuild his office. Bao Zheng, who is more commonly known as Bao Gong, was born m April 999 m the present-day Hefei city of Anhui province. He was magistrate of central Kaifeng m the period of...
THE CHINA WAR SITUATION. [ARTICLE] Malayan Saturday Post, 28 June 1930, Page 23, ...An official statement from Kweitehi says: "On the Lunghai railway sector the left wing of the Government for:es, headed by a cavalry corps, advancing through Kihsien to Kaifeng have reached a point 15 miles south of Kaieng. The centre Second Army Corps lias penetrated the rebels' first line of defence... 

ANTI-BRITISH MOVEMENT [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 27 April 1939, Page 11, REUTER...Japanese reports describe meetings even in Mongolia where the chief speakers are Japanese, while foreign correspondents at Kaifeng yesterday heard violent denunciations of Britain. France and Russia by the Japanese appointed governor It is significant that British corns pondents were not invited to visit Kaifeng with the German and American correspondents...

'Liu Shao Qi died in prison' [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 4 March 1980, Page 3, REUTER ...time revealed when and where former President Liv Shaoqi, purged during the Cultural Revolution 12 years ago, died. The Workers Daily, in a long article yesterday by five of Mr Liu's children, said he died in prison in Kaifeng City in the central province of Henan in November 1969. Reuter.

China's first Jews [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 6 November 1991, Page 9, CHINA DAILY ...The Chinese used to call the Jews in Kaifeng "blue-capped Muslims" because the latter wore blue caps for religious rituals, while the Muslims wore white caps. In 1162, the first synagogue was built in Kaifeng. The locals called it a mosque because the Jewish customs seemed similar to the Muslims'..

KAIFENG MONSTER Eye-Witnesses Tell A Tall Story. [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 13 July 1934, Page 11, KAIFENG MONSTER Eye-Witnesses Tell A Tall Story. Shanghai, July 12. A strange happening is said to have occurred in the city of Kaifeng, capital of Honan Province and one of the ol lest cities in China, yesterday. According to Chinese eye-witnesses, a powerful ray of light shot up suddenly from..

Thousands Dead In China Flood [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 16 August 1940, Page 14, REUTER ...from Kaifeng, Honan Province. Breaches have occurred at several places in the dykes along ths Y*Uow River. The whole area between the Lunghai railway and the old Yellow River is flooded. Several hundred feet of embankment collapsed opposite Chungmow and flood waters are pouring through eight places near Wulipu. Reuter. 

Dongjing wasn't Tokyo in Song Dynasty [LETTER] The Straits Times, 30 November 1992, Page 48, ...(AD 999-1082) of the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279). The Five Rats, nicknames of five heroes who were sworn brothers, were never m Tokyo (Dongjing m Chinese), the capital of Japan. In the Song Dynasty, Dongjing referred to the Kaifeng county, the provincial capital of Henan. CHAM FOOK CHUAN Singapore 1512  (139 words)

STRUGGLE FOR KAIFENG [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 26 June 1948, Page 4, STRUGGLE FOR KAIFENG The Week's War In China SHANGHAI, Friday. 'THE fall of Kaifeng, north of the Yellow River in 1 Central China's Honan province, is by fax the most important development in China's civil war tthis week. Nationalists were still trying to get reinforcements into the area to retake...
Zhengzhou is China's eighth ancient capital [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 11 November 2004, Page 14, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, ST GRAPHICS ...the 3,600 th anniversary of Zhengzhou as the earliest capital of the Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1100BC). The other ancient capitals of China are Beijing, Nanjing m eastern Jiangsu province, Hangzhou m eastern Zhejiang province, Xi'an m north-west Shaanxi province, and Anyang, Luoyang and Kaifeng m Henan province. AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE ST GRAPHICS 

RECAPTURE OF KAIFENG. [ARTICLE]  The Straits Times, 20 April 1927, Page 9, ...were bound hand and foot and pitched into the Yellow Kiver. estimated that no fewer than 9,000 soldier:; were thus disposed of. Now that the Fen^tieners are agatal la control in this part of it is expectdl ii-.i: their rev.npe will partake of tne nature of a hoi >cau^t.

Surname: Jin Race: Jewish [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 21 April 1981, Page 5, REUTER ...Assimilated Many Kaifeng Jews were surnamed Jin, and to this day a large number of families in one particular section of the town claim Jewish ancestry although they have been almoit completely assimilated into the local population. Last October Miss Jin went home to the southwestern city of Chengdu...  (659 words)

Ancient tombs hold the key to China's past [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 17 July 1989, Page 3, CHINA DAILY ...Known as one of the six ancient capitals of China besides Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Kaifeng and Hangzhou, Luoyang was once a leading metropolis. For more than 1,000 years at intervals between the Eastern Zhou dynasty (779-256 BC) and the later Tang period (AD 923--936), Luoyang was a centre of politics,..

Kilns of the Song era [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 21 June 1990, Page 8, ...Located at Bianliang (modern-day Kaifeng m Henan province) during the Northern Song, it later followed the emperor south to Hangzhou. Guan ware is covered by jade-like glaze m four colours pale green, moon white, glossy black and straw yellow. Its body is generally greyish black and its mouth purple. The...

Natural disasters brought about interest in edible plants [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 31 May 1989, Page 5, ...At 21, his father 1 placed Kaifeng, in He nan province, under his rule Kaifeng was the capital of the Song dynasty in the past and, from then on, the imperial palace of the Song era became the royal residence of Zhu Su. Zhu Su was a great humanitarian. Although...

INVASION IN NORTH IMMINENT? [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 20 September 1933, Page 11, SIN CHEW JIT POH, SIN KUO MIN ...The Yellow River Relief Committee has established branch committees at rstoan and Kaifeng in Shantung. This province has been hard hit by the recent floods, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of the population have been rendered homeless and destitute. The advent of cold weather has added considerably... 
The warrior who founded a dynasty [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 24 August 1988, Page 4, ...Prime Minister of the Song dynasty. Although he was not well-educated, he was to become the mastermind of such incidents as "mutiny north-east of Kaifeng" and "transfer of military power over a glass of wine". Emperor Zhao Kuangyin, who started his career as a soldier, was known to be ferocious. 

Blood lines nothing to do with re-unification [LETTER] The Straits Times, 20 August 1999, Page 56, ...Jews who migrated to Kaifeng in south-western China centuries ago are so thoroughly assimilated that they are indistinguishable from native Chinese. By contrast, Jews in Europe and even America remain physically distinct due to incomplete assimilation. Yet, it is China which Mr Segal, writing from white Anglo-Saxon Britain, condemns, and..

Death of the Tang dynasty [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 3 August 1988, Page 3, ...Zhu made himself emperor, set up capital at Daliang in Kaifeng in Henan province and changed the dynastic name to Liang. The period is known as the Later Liang Empire. By then the Tang dynasty had already been reduced to an empty shell When Zhu seized power, he did not.
Shen Kuo of the Song dynasty: China's greatest scientist [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 25 January 1989, Page 5, and humanities, it had more than 100,000 words m all. In this enormous work, Shen Kuo recorded the production techniques and scientific standards of his times with objective accuracy and vividness. He also paid tribute to unsung talents who contributed vastly to technology and science m ancient China. Translated 
Unique odyssey of the Jews [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 15 July 1986, Page 4, ...The 11th century witnessed a vast influx of Jews into Kaifeng city, 640 km south of Beijing. The city, then known as Bianjing, boasted the largest Jewish community m Chinese history. What was the attraction? Many historians have wondered. Two Shanghai economists give readers glimpses of the urban economy of...
BACK TO PEKINQ [ARTICLE] The Straits Times, 24 January 1902, Page 5, ...protected the palaces during her absence. The Empress- Dowager has signed an edict ordering the beheading of Tung Fuh-hsiang, a famous Boxer chief, more particularly in consequence of his responsibility for the murder of the Belgian missionaries. The Tartar General of K msn U commanded to carry out the sentence.
Here's how Israel should respond to the rise of Asia [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION] The Straits Times, 7 May 2005, Page 10, NURHAIZA HASHIM, AFP ...The Kaifeng Jews, who came to China from Persia in the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago, set the foundation for a long tradition of friendship between China and the Jewish community. During the holocaust, Shanghai was a sanctuary for Jews. Today, the people of Wenzhou, who are among the... 

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