Torah Moshe 2:

Shemot /  שׁמות

Exodus Chapter 20

 Aseret Hadiberot - Dekalogos; δεκάλογος

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Ten utterances of ADONAI Elohim

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Shemot 20:1-5 Hebrew Text scan

Shemot 20:6-23 Hebrew Text scan

20:1 And Elohim (אלהים) spoke all these Dvar, saying:



ANI ADONAI (יהוה) Eloheicha, which have brought you out of the eretz  Mitzrayim, out of the house of avadim (bondage).

20:3 N-1

You shall have no other elohim (gods) before Me.

20:4 You shall not make to you any pesel (graven image), or any temunah (likeness) [of any thing] that [is] in Shamayim above, or that [is] in the earth beneath, or that [is] in the mayim under ha eretz :

20:5 You shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I ADONAI (יהוה) Eloheicha [am] a kanna (jealous) EL, visiting the iniquity of the avot upon the children to the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate Me;

20:6 And shewing mercy to thousands of them that love Me, and shomer My mitzvot.  


You shall not take the Name ADONAI (יהוה) Eloheicha la shav (in vain); for ADONAI (יהוה) will not hold him guiltless that takes His Name la shav (שׁוא).


Zakar Yom haShabbat, le kadosh.

20:9 Six days shall you labour, and do all your work:

20:10 But the yom hashevi'i (7th day) [is] ha Shabbat ADONAI (יהוה) Eloheicha: [in it] you shall not do any work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger that [is] within your gates:

20:11 For [in] six days ADONAI (יהוה) made Shamayim and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the yom hashevi'i (7th day): wherefore ADONAI (יהוה) barak (blessed) ha Yom Shabbat, and set apart it.


Honour your father and your mother: that your days may be long upon the eretz which ADONAI (יהוה) Eloheicha giveth you.



Lo tir tzakh (illegal killing, premediated murder, manslaughter).

You shall not kill.


Lo naaph

You shall not commit adultery.


Lo tignov (ganav)

You shall not steal.


You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.


You shall not covet your neighbour's beit, you shall not covet your neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] your neighbour's.

20:18(A:vii) And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the shofar, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw [it], they removed, and stood afar off.

20:19 And they said to Moshe:

Speak you with us, and we will hear: but let not Elohim (אלהים) speak with us, lest we die.

20:20 And Moshe said to the people, Fear not: for Elohim (אלהים) is come to prove you, and that his fear may be before your faces, that you sin not.

20:21 And the people stood afar off, and Moshe drew near to the thick darkness where Elohim (אלהים) [was].


And ADONAI  (יהוה) said to Moshe:

Thus you shall say to the benai Yisrael, You have seen that I have talked with you from Shamayim.

20:23 You shall not make with Me gods of  kesef (silver), neither shall you make to you gods of  zahav. (gold)


An mizbeach (altar) adamah you shall make to Me, and shall sacrifice thereon your Olot, and your Shelamin, your sheep, and your oxen: in all places where I will cause My Name to be remembered; I will come to you, and I will bless you.

20:25 And if you will make Me an mizbeach (altar) adamah* (earth), you shall not build it of gazith (cut stone): for if you lift up your tool upon it, you hast polluted it.

20:26 Neither shall you go up by steps to Mine mizbeach (altar), that your nakedness be not discovered thereon.

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The Word "TORAH" means to teach, to point out as aiming the finger. The Torah gives us the awareness of our sinful nature that we need Messiah Yeshua to set us free from the bondage of sin. The Torah is seen as Hashem's set of INSTRUCTION TOOL concerning how we should conduct our lives so that they may grow from spiritual babies in the Messiah to spiritual maturity. As you could see the below mention the 10 Mitzvot was given 50 days after Yisrâeil left the land of Mitzrayim, does this reminds us of the Shauv'ot, the Ruach HaKodesh dwells in the heart of the believer. From that time onwards, New Covenant believer will be guided by the Ruach Hakodesh to fullfill the Torah as a new living way of life.

Ezra  7:10 Pattern For Applying Torah In Our Lives

  1. Study Torah: (Gives you knowledge)
  2. Do Torah: (Qualifies you)
  3. Teach Torah: (Teach to others when your qualified)

Altar of earth - speaks of atoning for the Adam's body

Ten-Utterance in Power Point

Hebrew Lesson :- Ten Commandments

Ten commandment Names, Ten utterances, Aseret Hadiberot, Decalogue the Greek name δεκάλογος or "dekalogos" ("ten statements")

Mount Sinai (Arabic: طور سيناء), also known as Mount Horeb, Mount Musa, Gebel Musa or Jabal Musa ("Moses' Mountain") by the Bedouins, is the name of a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula.The name Sinai may originate from the name of Sin, the lunar deity, as does the Desert of Sin.